Core Reference - Classes, functions, files that comprise Tekkotsu

DualCoding Reference - namespace reference for the DualCoding section of Tekkotsu

Quick Reference sheets (PDF) - ERS-7, ERS-210, ERS-220

We have integrated software packages developed by other groups:
  • ROBOOP - kinematics
  • NEWMAT - matrix calculation package, provides some MATLAB-like functionality
  • CMVision - color segmentation, run length encoding, and region analysis
  • CMPack'02 Walk - CMU's 2002 RoboCup walk engine
  • UPennWalk - walking code
We also provide several packages as precompiled MIPS libraries for linking when developing for the AIBO. When doing local compilation, the host machine's libraries will be used instead.
    OPEN-R documentation
    OPEN-R message board (English)
    OPEN-R message board (Japanese)



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All kinds of great stuff has been added since 4.0, trying to tie up loose ends for the 5.0 release. (tracker)

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