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newmat7.cpp File Reference

#include "include.h"
#include "newmat.h"
#include "newmatrc.h"
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namespace  NEWMAT


#define REPORT   {}


static GeneralMatrix * NEWMAT::GeneralMult (GeneralMatrix *, GeneralMatrix *, MultipliedMatrix *, MatrixType)
static GeneralMatrix * NEWMAT::GeneralSolv (GeneralMatrix *, GeneralMatrix *, BaseMatrix *, MatrixType)
static GeneralMatrix * NEWMAT::GeneralSolvI (GeneralMatrix *, BaseMatrix *, MatrixType)
static GeneralMatrix * NEWMAT::GeneralKP (GeneralMatrix *, GeneralMatrix *, KPMatrix *, MatrixType)
static void NEWMAT::Add (GeneralMatrix *gm, GeneralMatrix *gm1, GeneralMatrix *gm2)
static void NEWMAT::AddTo (GeneralMatrix *gm, const GeneralMatrix *gm2)
static void NEWMAT::Subtract (GeneralMatrix *gm, GeneralMatrix *gm1, GeneralMatrix *gm2)
static void NEWMAT::SubtractFrom (GeneralMatrix *gm, const GeneralMatrix *gm2)
static void NEWMAT::ReverseSubtract (GeneralMatrix *gm, const GeneralMatrix *gm2)
static void NEWMAT::SP (GeneralMatrix *gm, GeneralMatrix *gm1, GeneralMatrix *gm2)
static void NEWMAT::SP (GeneralMatrix *gm, GeneralMatrix *gm2)
static void NEWMAT::AddDS (GeneralMatrix *gm, GeneralMatrix *gm1, GeneralMatrix *gm2)
static void NEWMAT::AddDS (GeneralMatrix *gm, GeneralMatrix *gm2)
static void NEWMAT::SubtractDS (GeneralMatrix *gm, GeneralMatrix *gm1, GeneralMatrix *gm2)
static void NEWMAT::SubtractDS (GeneralMatrix *gm, GeneralMatrix *gm2)
static void NEWMAT::ReverseSubtractDS (GeneralMatrix *gm, GeneralMatrix *gm2)
static void NEWMAT::SPDS (GeneralMatrix *gm, GeneralMatrix *gm1, GeneralMatrix *gm2)
static void NEWMAT::SPDS (GeneralMatrix *gm, GeneralMatrix *gm2)
static GeneralMatrix * NEWMAT::GeneralMult1 (GeneralMatrix *gm1, GeneralMatrix *gm2, MultipliedMatrix *mm, MatrixType mtx)
static GeneralMatrix * NEWMAT::GeneralMult2 (GeneralMatrix *gm1, GeneralMatrix *gm2, MultipliedMatrix *mm, MatrixType mtx)
static GeneralMatrix * NEWMAT::mmMult (GeneralMatrix *gm1, GeneralMatrix *gm2)
static bool NEWMAT::RealEqual (Real *s1, Real *s2, int n)
static bool NEWMAT::intEqual (int *s1, int *s2, int n)
bool NEWMAT::operator== (const BaseMatrix &A, const BaseMatrix &B)
bool NEWMAT::operator== (const GeneralMatrix &A, const GeneralMatrix &B)
bool NEWMAT::IsZero (const BaseMatrix &A)
ReturnMatrix NEWMAT::MultiplyQuaternions (const ColumnVector &quatA, const ColumnVector &quatB)
 mutliply two quaternions together, producing a new quaternion (elements in order w,x,y,z)
ReturnMatrix NEWMAT::ApplyQuaternion (const ColumnVector &q, const Matrix &m)
 rotate columns of a matrix m by quaternion q (elements in order w,x,y,z)
void NEWMAT::CrossProductBody (Real *a, Real *b, Real *c)
Matrix NEWMAT::CrossProduct (const Matrix &A, const Matrix &B)
ReturnMatrix NEWMAT::CrossProductRows (const Matrix &A, const Matrix &B)
ReturnMatrix NEWMAT::CrossProductColumns (const Matrix &A, const Matrix &B)

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#define REPORT   {}

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